Introducing Two New HTC Sensation Models – The XE And XL With Beats Audio Technology

In the event that you thought the HTC Sensation was a noteworthy telephone, you would be correct, yet now there are two new redesigned models of the Android powerhouse. The HTC Sensation XE and Sensation XL brag a few presentation overhauls, adding much more intrigue to the effectively broad spec rundown of the first Sensation.

In this article I will analyze a portion of the principle highlights of the Sensation XE and the Sensation XL, so you can conclude which is more qualified to your needs.


The HTC Sensation XE is authoritatively the most dominant cell phone on the planet as far as preparing power. Its 1.5 GHz double center processor enhances the 1.2 GHz double center chip of its ancestor, bringing about improved execution, for example, quicker stacking and working occasions of utilizations, a progressively responsive touchscreen and increasingly proficient performing various tasks to give some examples benefits. The Sensation XL has a solitary center processor, however at 1.5 GHz, it is as yet an extremely incredible unit, which exceeds most other contending cell phones and even numerous tablets.

Beats Audio

The two handsets incorporate the looked for after Beats by Dr Dre sound innovation and both accompany a lot of Beats earphones which are quickly supplanting the famous white headphones by Apple, as the earphones to be seen with. The Beats innovation is planned for duplicating music as it was intended to sound when being recorded in the studio. Obviously, it creates far better stable quality than standard cell phones, and this component alone makes certain to produce numerous deals for HTC.


Both the Sensation XE and XL have been given a makeover to recognize them from the standard Sensation. The Sensation XE looks almost indistinguishable from the first as far as its size, shape and structure. It has anyway gotten Beats Audio marking on the back, and numerous subtleties have been supplanted in red. These incorporate the speaker flame broil, and the lights on the capacitive Android easy route keys. The Sensation XL has seen to a greater degree a change, with a totally upgraded stylish. It is bigger, so as to oblige the greater screen, and most perceptibly, the handset is done in a head-turning white shading plan, and furthermore has the red Beats Audio marking on the back. The two handsets make certain to please style cognizant clients who additionally see their telephone as a design explanation.

The Sensation XE and XL have both held everything that clients enjoyed about the first HTC Sensation, yet given it significantly more intrigue with Beats Audio and stylish updates. The Beats Audio mix makes certain to demonstrate well known, and is a positive development if HTC need to coordinate the marketing projections bragged by Apple and its ever mainstream iPhone arrangement.

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